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Whitney Childers, Glee Media

Communications, design and user experience is what I do. I believe storytelling is at the root of everything good. And, I’m not afraid to learn something new … except bungee jumping.

More than 20 years ago I started my career telling stories about animals. I was a wildlife biology major with a knack for journalism. I would spend the next 13 years reporting and editing for local and state newspapers and magazines (what marketers today call a “highly targeted audience”). I wrote and edited about everything from heartache, devastation and disappointment to joy, inspiration and love. Every story mattered ... to someone, somewhere.

Then, the journalism landscape started to change. We became “consumers” of digital information and we demanded more. I saw an opportunity to change course and so I left the newspaper and magazine industry to learn filmmaking and website design. I was still storytelling, but through a different medium. I was hooked and I loved helping artists, writers and others launch their businesses online and share their own stories with the world.

One gig led to my involvement and advocacy for women in sports. I spent five years as the Media & Communications Director for Women’s Ski Jumping USA, an organization that supported the US Women’s Ski Jumping Team as it pushed for gender equality in the Olympic Games. That experience paved the way for my work as a film producer on the documentary Ready To Fly, which won Best Feature Length Film at the 2013 Banff Film Festival.

In 2012, I entered the untamed world of tech start-ups as part of a team that launched the sports crowdfunding platform RallyMe. The company grew to national and international notoriety (we helped thousands of young athletes, organizations and Olympians tell their stories and raise money!) and it was successfully acquired by SportsEngine/NBC Sports in 2016.

As the company grew, I became President and Director of Operations, responsible for everything from content, messaging, user experience and design to customer service, product planning and the finer points of e-commerce. Did I mention I’m an expert in online fundraising? :)

Along the way, I’ve worked as an editor for the International Olympic Committee at the Olympic Games, a commercial and documentary producer, and an operations and website consultant for tech and nonprofit start-ups.

As owner of Glee Media, I get to pull from my years of knowledge on what works - and what doesn’t - to help my clients share their own stories and grow their audiences. It’s about making an authentic connection. And I think that’s pretty cool.


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I’m a builder. I like to create cool things, spin good tales and get stuff done. I love taking a kernel of an idea and turning it into something fantastic. If you think Glee Media is a good fit to help you reach your goals, here’s how to get started:

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