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communications by whitney childers

The M.O.

Modus Operandi


What’s the process? How does this work?


Getting to know you ►

We’ll get started with a conversation so I can hear your story and learn your goals. It’s your time to talk and share, and for me to listen.

questionnaire ►

You or your team will fill out a simple online form that gets at the heart of what you envision for your project, whether it’s a new website, content and branding, e-course or online store, business strategy/pitch deck or fundraising plan.

The Plan ►

I’ll provide you with an online proposal that outlines the mission of the project, assets needed to launch it, timelines and associated cost. That way, we’re on the same page and can get started right away.

Demos ►

Here’s where it gets super fun. I’ll provide you with the mock-ups, demos and/or examples of what your project will look. By working together, this is our chance to nail the overall concept.

Edits/Changes ►

I’ll share the project with you for your round of edits and changes. The editing process is where so much of the magic happens. It’s where we refine, polish and make the project sing.

Launch/Delivery ►

Together we’ve created something amazing and it’s time for the project to take flight. I’ll provide you with all the tools, assets and training you need to see your project launch and start engaging with your audience.


/Resources /

I’ve worked with some of the most talented folks in the communications and technology business. I have great resources. If there’s something I don’t offer and you need as part of your project, I’ll find the perfect fit, take it off your to-do list and manage the work provided.

/Costs ►/

Most projects are based on a per-project cost, which requires one-third to one-half payment upfront. One-off projects such as writing/editing/press releases are per hour. And, post launch, I’m available through a monthly retainer to help manage your project going forward. I know budgets are always top of mind - I’ve been there! So, even if you’re not sure what your budget will allow, I’m happy to listen and walk you through the options.